$20,500 - 1965 Ford Mustang 4 SPEED A CODE

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Hi, you are viewing a Very Nice and REAL 4-SPEED AND "A" CODE Factory 4 BARREL 1965 Mustang. This is a Real California Black Plate Mustang and is stated on the California Title with the Black Plate Numbers on the Title. The original Black Plates come with the car. I bought this from California a couple of years ago and had it shipped here. It still has the Original Door Tag and even Rarer Original Fender Tag on it, Clearly Proving it to be a Real A-code and 4-Speed and A.C. car. The Vin. Stamping on the other inner fender (the drivers side) also has a nice clear stamping (unlike a lot of mustangs with hard to read vin. stamps) clearly showing the "A" . This is a Factory A.C. car (stamped on the fender tag) and most of the A.C. parts are still on the car (the interior A.C. control unit, and the under hood hoses,etc.). It obviously would need a compressor, but its a great head start towards having A.C. I bought this car because I wanted one of these with No Rust and NO gobs of Bondo that Collectors know that the vast majority of these, by far, have. I am an older person that has had many of these thru the years and this is the most rust free and cleanest original metal one that I have found. It is really clean, no rust or bubbles. When you feel around the rear wheel-wells and inside bottoms of the doors and bottoms of the front fenders,etc.. there is just nice metal edges and lips like there should be, not the usual gobs of bondo or bubbles that most of these have. It has a Nice but older White Paint Job (originally was bronze with the still correct color palomino interior) but doesn't shows signs of the bronze anywhere. There are some touch ups and flaws here and there, but basically its a darn straight car and the paint still presents well and shines very nicely. I wouldn't repaint it. I would much rather have an older Mustang with a Real Nice Metal Body and a Nice Paint Job with a few paint flaws like this one, than a Dolled-Up one with a past filled with Rust, Bondo and Bubbles (which is most of them today). Anyways, since I had found a Nice and Real A-Code (which means Factory 4 Barrel) and 4 Speed Mustang to begin with, I spent a Small Fortune making this car better. Mechanically this car is Excellent. The Original Engine Runs Great with No Smoke,etc...at all. This car came from the factory with a 3:00 Rear Gear, but somebody in its past installed a 3:50 Posi and Locker Rear Gear Unit. That is a great change Performance-Wise and with it having a 4 speed trans already, it is the right drive-train to make this car Crazy Fast if you wanted to, but it is plenty fast already. I had a Complete Brand New Flowmaster Fully Welded Exhaust System (with Aggressive Sounding Mufflers) installed from the exhaust manifolds all the way back to the new tailpipes. When on the road, anyone can Very Easily Hear that this isn't just a basic Mustang coming ! Also, I installed a New Alternator, Starter, Battery, Front and Rear Brakes (the Fronts have Brand New Kelsey-Hayes 4 Piston Calipers ($300.00 !) , Newly Turned Front Rotor Discs, Brake Pads, Brake Hoses and Several New Lines. It is a great stopping old car (again, not the typical drum brakes 65 Mustang). All of the outside lights, turn signals and dash lights are nice and bright. It needs a new basic 4-speed to dash speedometer cable because the original one is part of the Very rare and original Cruise Control setup on the car. I haven't looked at why the cruise control doesn't work, I was just going to put in a new basic speedo cable (simple and cheap),but haven't gotten to it yet.The White Lettered Tires are in nice condition and look Great with the Original Spinner Hubcaps. I also bought a Brand New 3-Core Aluminum Radiator, Aluminum Water Pump, Hoses, Thermostat and all new anti-freeze. It always runs very cool, even in this South Florida Summer Heat. I also bought a Brand New Holley Carburetor, Spark Plugs, Cap, Rotor, Wires and just did a fresh oil change. The last owner stated that it sat in garages in California for many years and I could tell that was true,so I did a LOT of Refreshing. The Four Speed Shifts Well, and the Steering, Suspension, Brakes, etc.. all feel good. It is a Lot of Fun to Drive. When you take it out, you wont want to put it away ! On the Exterior, I also bought and installed Brand New Outside Door Handles, Remote-Control Mirror, Gas Cap with Emblem,Taillight Bezels and Bumpers. Most of the Original Stuff wasn't bad, I just wanted better. I also bought Brand New Black GT Style Lower Side-Stripes that I didn't have time to install, so they come with the car. I think they would look great on the car. The Interior is Very Nice and also has a Ton of New Parts. The last owner installed New Seat Covers, Headliner, Carpet and Dash Pad. I installed New Door Panels, Dash Bezel, 4-Speed Shifter and Knob, Grant Walnut Steering Wheel, Headlight Switch, Door Sills, and Inside Window and Door Handles. All of these new parts that I mentioned thru out the car are all installed within the last 50 miles put on the car. The radio doesn't work, but I haven't looked into it all yet, but it is probably something simple (besides the exhaust note of this car is music to me anyway). This also has a rare power antenna. So,after spending all of this money, I had no intention of selling this car, but I came upon a real estate transaction I need to do, so I am selling a few of my cars. I know there are other Old Muscle Cars out there that are rarer than these, but there is just something about these that a Vast Majority of People just Love. This car gets more attention than my 67 GTO and my other Muscle Cars.

If you have any questions, feel free to email to Marcus.fixercars@gmail.com